Buying Procces


First and foremost, your ideal house is freehold, making property acquisition in Turkey straightforward and straightforward if you understand how. Turkish law is based on the Swiss constitution and legislation, which means that recent modifications in Turkish law enable British citizens or EU citizens to buy real estate in designated areas.

The payments on your purchase contract are usually divided into four parts, and while they may differ from builder to builder, we’ll assist you. The non-refundable reservation deposit (often 5,000 Euros) First stage payment Second stage payment depending on time scales Final payment when you receive your Title Deeds (TAPU)

Do I need any papers to buy a home in Turkey?

With a local tax number, your passport information is necessary to acquire a Turkish property. We will take you to the tax office to get a local tax number for you. In addition, you’ll need two recent photographs (4cm x 6cm); you may obtain them in Turkey, but it’s probably a good idea to bring two sets just in case.


Is it necessary to hire a lawyer when purchasing property in Turkey?

Although you are not required to hire a lawyer when purchasing real estate in Turkey, we strongly advise you to do so. The costs of hiring a lawyer will generally range from £500 to £1,000, with the purchase tax 4% on the stated value of your property in Turkey accommodation tax, electricity connections fees, water, notary and translation fees all will be paid.

You’re advised to budget £1,500 for all of these fees and expenses if you want to sell your property. Before you engage them, get a quote from a lawyer. If you don’t use a lawyer, the price will be about £800.


Is it possible for me to pay for my property in Turkey with money from my home country?

After you’ve signed the Turkish property purchase contract you want to use, you may transfer money into your lawyer’s bank account in TURKEY or send it straight to Estate Agency.

A local currency account is a bank account that allows you to deposit and withdraw foreign currencies directly into your bank. If you want to move money from one cash to another straight from your bank, we recommend using a professional international exchange business for the most advantageous rates.


Is it necessary for me to be in Turkey to acquire a property?

We do not require an attorney’s Power of Attorney; however, we can purchase on your behalf with a Notary Public-approved power of attorney. You may look at properties at your leisure during your trip without being coerced to make any decisions before returning to their nation.


How long do you anticipate residing in Turkey before buying a new home?

It might take up to one day or one week for you to get the final Freehold Title Deeds (Tapu) for your Turkish property, depending on Turkish government offices. To verify that your property is not in a restricted or military zone, it first goes to a Tapu office in a region before going to an Izmir Military Head Office.

You can send an email with the following details: address and contact person, name of the property, how much you paid for it when you purchased it (date), and a self-addressed stamped envelope. You’ll need to pay £36 by cheque or credit card after January 2018, so we may proceed with the conveyance process. This is just a formality that takes only one day to complete once everything has been authorized. After you’ve received approval, go to the Tapu office with a translator to sign your freehold ownership documents. On January 7, 2006, new legislation went into effect for non-residents to speed up the procedure. The formalities take one day to 1 week.

Purchasing a home in Turkey is complete.

After the Government and the military have authorized your application, both the vendor and buyer must go to the Land Registry Office to record the Title Deed in their records. Most purchasers opt to travel to Turkey personally, although this is not necessary since you can authorize someone else to attend on your behalf. This may be a lawyer, a husband/wife, spouse, or office staff in Turkey who you trust. Before completion, various paperwork is required; however, they are quite simple. We will be happy to assist you.