Frequently Asking Questions

How do I get to Marmaris?

There are direct flights to Dalaman from several British airports between April and November. All year, Turkish airlines fly to Dalaman via Istanbul. Marmaris airport is around an hour and a half away from Marmaris. Buses depart for Marmaris, or you may take a taxi if you arrive at the airport on a flight-only basis. We arrange a transfer from the airport if you only come in on a flight. The www.marmaris.tours is our member; please get in touch with us for your holiday transfer needs.

Is it possible to bring my pet to Turkey temporarily?

The Consulate General of the United Kingdom in Istanbul requires the following documents to be legalized before taking a pet into Turkey for a short period: A veterinary certificate (and vaccination document) that must be validated not more than fifteen days before arrival in Turkey and stamped by the British Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries or the British Foreign Office. The UK’s Department for International Trade issues a certificate recognized by both the British Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries and the British Foreign Office. Documents must be legalized in person at a Turkish Consulate General. For more information, please get in touch with the consulate general.

Can I get a foreign mortgage in Turkey?

Mortgages in Turkey are now accessible to all EU residents who want to buy real estate there, although the market is still very new.

Do I need to be in Turkey to buy a property?

It is necessary, but we can purchase for you with a Power of Attorney granted by the local notary. You may visit properties at your leisure during your stay without having to rush home to negotiate out of fear of being charged an additional fee.

Buying Property in Turkey

Most foreign nationals, including Turks and other foreigners, can purchase freehold property and land in the local district “Belediye” (municipal) and outside military areas. To acquire the title to a property, an application must be submitted to the local Land Registry office after an agreement has been reached. The title may be transferred once checks have been completed to ensure that the property is not near any sensitive military sites or other areas of national concern. It takes approximately 6 to 8 weeks. The seller is obligated to notify the purchaser if there has been a positive response from the sale. This will almost certainly be the case since we would not proceed with a transaction that might not be allowed. The final stage of the transaction may finally take place. After another visit, the closing papers are signed at a land registry office to register the property in the buyer’s name. However, the buyer doesn’t need to be present; his proxy or lawyer can sign documents on his behalf instead.

How long does time take to buy a property?

The deposit is usually 10 to 20% of the property worth when you decide to purchase. The Army vets your passport translations and property information, which takes two weeks. You don’t have to stay in Turkey during this time and can sign a power of attorney or a lawyer if you wish. (It only takes an hour to get a power of attorney formalized; it’s also simple.) When the papers from the military arrive, we can e-mail you, and you will send the remainder of the purchase price, after which we, or your lawyer, will complete the paperwork, including registering title deeds under your name, and this takes about a week. Estate agents in Turkey may handle most responsibilities of a solicitor when it comes to property deals, so solicitors are not always required. However, it is only approx £300 if you wish to use one.

Are there any extra costs?

Yes, the buyer is responsible for solicitor costs, agent fees, and purchase tax. The buyer will pay around 5% of the purchase price as extra expenses.

Ongoing cost?

The country-wide real estate price index is 100. The median property tax in Italy is 0.0014 per cent of the declared value, and it’s paid annually. Building insurance may be obtained through a bank insurance program if required. Gas is typically used for cooking; gas cylinder refills cost around £ 10 and last two months. Electricity costs between £ 0.05 and £ 0.07 per kilowatt-hour depending on location (less in northern regions). Bills are paid monthly at a local bank or directly to the Turkish Electricity Board. The cost of water is around £ 0.40 per ton ( 1000 litres on mains supply ). A management service will be provided to maintain shared facilities, common gardens, repainting, and so forth. The expense of this fluctuates significantly from development to development, although it typically begins at £ 250 per year. Turkish Law applies to their behaviour.

About my tax situation?

If you own a property in Turkey and sell it, you will have to pay taxes on the capital gains. Capital gains from selling a home will be taxed in Turkey if the owner is a company. Individuals are not required to pay capital gains unless they have owned the property for one year. In the United Kingdom, capital gains may be taxable depending on an individual’s circumstances. Current tax rules were originally established through a double taxation agreement signed in 1986. The treaties were modified in October 1988 to incorporate a cooperative agreement on income taxes and corporate taxes in Turkey and income, corporate, and capital gains taxes in the United Kingdom. The non-discrimination clause reads, “Nations of one contracting state shall not be subjected in the other contracting state to any additional or more onerous taxation or obligation in addition to that which is already imposed on them, under similar circumstances, by that other state.” We recommend you seek advice from a professional since each case is unique.

What are Marmaris and the peninsula like in winter?

It is highly popular among the locals, who prefer it to the summer. The weather is extremely mild, and you can still get a tan while swimming. Many locations are shut, but Marmaris’s harbour end remains incredibly active. Many hotels, restaurants, and bars are open right now. All year, the larger hotels will be open.