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Bodrum Peninsula Area Guide

The Bodrum peninsula, located in Western Turkey, is a popular tourist destination. This cosmopolitan spot is located on the Aegean sea. Many people recognize the whitewashed homes that are scattered over the hillsides. But it’s so much more. This seaside resort has many hotels, including all-inclusive, family-friendly ones. It is still a popular destination known for its non-conformist reputation. The city comprises a central area and smaller villages and towns. Locals welcome all visitors with open arms and encourage everyone to be themselves.

Bodrum Peninsula Area Guide

1: How do I get here?

Tourists arrive at Bodrum’s airport. In winter, Adnan Menderes International Airport in Izmir is an alternative. You can drive from Turkey by taking the D330 highway. However, Bodrum town center is the home of the main operator that provides cheap and frequent bus services from all over the country. If you are arriving by sea, Gulluk or Bodrum town center are the official ports of entry.

2: Weather & Climate

Tourists can expect a warm summer and cool winters. The rainy season is from January to March, and temperatures begin heating up. Visit April to June or October to December to explore. Temperatures can soar to the mid-40s during July and September.

3: Prominent Tourist Resorts

Gundogan beach resort Many Turks come from large cities to buy homes in this picturesque Turkish resort for their retirement or summer vacations. Although the laid-back pace is great for many, some people find walking difficult due to the hillsides. Gundogan is known for its stunning views and popularity as a spot where yachts can dock.

Gumbet Holiday Resort Ah, water sports Gumbet. Gumbet is also home to a stunning beach, making it a popular choice for British holidaymakers. Nightlife is centered around restaurants offering international cuisines and sit-down bars that entertain.

Pristine Yalikavak Visit Yalikavak to experience the high-end style of Bodrum. Millionaires come from all corners of the globe to this mega-yacht marina. Even the occasional royal has stopped by. The old town is still a testament to its working-class roots, and it’s a pleasure to dine there at night.

Unspoiled Gumusluk Gumusluk is a great place to relax and stroll along the beaches. This small village is true to its roots as a fishing village. It’s slow-paced and traditional. Rabbit Island is a landmark on the coast. You can also find small cafes in the hills with stunning coast views from the hills.

4 Best Beaches in Bodrum

The peninsula has many sandy beaches where you can swim in the calm waters of the coast. Many beaches offer services that allow you to rent an umbrella or sunbed for the entire day. Many restaurants surround the promenade, offering food and refreshments. You can also enjoy sunbathing and clear blue water. Bodrum is also home to scuba diving, snorkeling, and jet skiing. We love Yalikavak, Ortakent, Gumbet, and the Bodrum public beach.

5: Nightlife, Cafes, and Dining Out

Bodrum is known for its many bars and restaurants. The peninsula has everything, from traditional Turkish restaurants to trendy nightclubs, and everyone is welcome. For fine dining, head to Yalikavak and the main marina.

6 – Sailing the Peninsula

Given its prominent reputation on the sailing scene, it is not uncommon to see large yachts worth millions of dollars docked in Bodrum. This sailor’s paradise is part of the Turkish Riviera, with its beautiful islands and calm waters. You can reach these secluded bays and coves by jumping onboard one of the many yachts or daily boat cruises that depart from the harbor. Blue cruises on a gulet follow a predetermined sailing route. Private yacht charters allow passengers to choose the route. Bodrum is the ideal spot to reach the Greek Aegean islands like the Cyclades or Dodecanese.

7 – Sightseeing and Excursions

Bodrum offers many things, such as exploring the windmills and signing up for a jeep tour to see small villages and the entire peninsula. If relaxation is your goal, you can book a traditional Turkish bath. This will both cleanse your skin and de-stress you. Bodrum is a popular destination for daily boat trips. Two-day excursions are also very popular. The first visit is to Ephesus ancient Ruins near Kusadasi (Izmir). The prominent landmarks of this ruined city include the Celsius library, a large theatre, and Roman terrace houses. You can also head inland to visit the Pamukkale natural calcium pools. You can watch the magnificent sunsets fall on the horizon no matter what you do.

8: The Major Landmarks in Bodrum

The 15 century Bodrum castle, which towers over the coast, was famously used to launch an attack against Rhodes by the Ottoman Sultan Suliman. The Underwater Archaeology Museum is worth a visit to see Uluburun (the oldest known shipwreck in the world). Bodrum was also the home of the famous Halicarnassus mausoleum. It is one of seven ancient wonders in the world. Because soldiers used stones to build the Bodrum fortress, very little is left today. The small, ancient theatre at the back of town offers a stunning coastline view. It is not crowded.

9: The Bodrum Peninsula Property Market

Many foreigners travel to Bodrum’s beachfront areas to purchase villas or apartments. Many foreigners have holiday homes in Bodrum due to the large ex-pat community. Bodrum is not the most expensive place in Turkey to purchase property, but its renowned reputation speaks volumes. Award-winning architects have built many millionaire villas in Bodrum over the past ten years. In recent years, there have been more trends that have helped to boost the market. Istanbul Turks have lived in Istanbul their entire lives and are gradually moving on to more peaceful and less hectic destinations. Many buyers have wanted separate houses since the COVID virus. This is to provide privacy and social distancing. Bodrum fulfills both of these requirements. Browse our portfolio of villas and apartments if you are interested in theĀ Bodrum real estate market. Every listing includes contact information to schedule a viewing.

About Mediterranean Turkey

There are many new destinations, from the Western Aegean region to the southern Mediterranean. Our travel guide from Mediterranean Turkey, also known as the Turquoise Coast, is a great starting point for deciding where and what to do. We discuss famous places such as Marmaris, Dalaman, and the idyllic blue-water lagoon in Fethiye. Also, where to stay, what to do at night, and how to eat out. This area of Turkey will be just as popular as Bodrum.

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