Cheap apartments in Marmaris

Cheap apartments for sale in Marmaris. We help you to find an apartment in Marmaris for sale.

Located on Turkey’s southwest coast, this city is a popular tourist destination with spectacular sceneries and rich cultural heritage. With its many natural attractions, Marmaris has always been a fisherman’s village and is the centre of tourism in Turkey today. Marmaris offers daily ferry services to Rhodes, Kos and Bodrum from Çiftlik pier, which are just 10 minutes from your luxury apartment for sale in Marmaris. Tourists flock to enjoy the magnificent sunset as they sip their drinks at this historical spot that overlooks the Mediterranean like no other place in the world can offer.

Marmaris is a unique place. It is noted that this place has a fine natural setting and its cultural heritage. Marmaris is an ancient city with 4,000 years of history, and it even was the capital of the region in ancient times. In Halicarnassus, which is the oldest city on the western coast of Asia Minor, Hercules was born, and Lycurgus, who established a democratic government in Greece, was a king here. Marmaris means “grave” from Sanskrit, means “Grave City”. The name comes from the fact that it used to be just a plain until some graves or ancient tombs were found when excavations were carried out. These tombs belong to people that once lived in the area.

Marmaris is located in a very safe area, and it has everything needed for a good holiday, both historical and modern facilities. The weather here is warm and almost always sunny. In Marmaris, all kinds of accommodations are available, including hotels, private apartments, hostels and all-inclusive holiday resorts that cater to all ages.

Turkey is the only country globally that sits on two continents: Europe and Asia, with a coastline on the Aegean Sea, Mediterranean Sea and the Black Sea. As we move from west to east, we pass through the familiar landscapes of Thrace, Macedonia, Anatolia and finally reach the shores of the Black Sea.

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