Tax id for ex-pats in Turkey

Each time you register or make a financial transaction in Turkey, the tax number is the most important identification number. Each Turkish identity number issued by the national government is an automatic tax identification number.

Tax Identification Numbers are individual-issued, ten-digit codes. Foreigners must have an identification number to use to open an account with a bank or purchase property, sign up for insurance, obtain utilities or health insurance, complete notarial procedures, apply for residency permits, and more.

The transaction typically will take less than 20 minutes. Once you have received the tax identification number, it is possible to access your bank account and conduct all of your authorized transactions. If you want to get a tax ID number, you need to visit a local tax office and ask for it. The only documents required for this procedure include “your original passport” and “copy of your passport.” The registration process is free. The tax number you provide will be displayed across most Turkish financial institutions, including banks following registration. Implies that you’ll be able to establish an account with a bank.


Q: What is the reason you require the tax ID number?

A: It will be your unique identification code utilized throughout your daily life in Turkey in all registration applications. It is mandatory to have a tax identification number to be able to complete the purchase and sale of goods and financial transactions such as:

* If you have a bank account,

* Title deed conveyance,

* Power of Attorney transactions

* Request for a Residence Permit,

* Insurance,

• Tax payment,

* Subscriptions for utility.

Q: What documents will I require to get a tax identification to obtain a tax identification number in Turkey?

A: Your original passport and a copy are the necessary documents for obtaining the Turkish Tax ID.

Q Where can I find a tax ID number?

A: All cities and districts of Turkey have tax offices. You can obtain a tax ID number by visiting the one.

Q: What happens? Should I lose my tax ID in my ID tax?

A: In the tax department, have it printed again.

Q: Is there an expense in Turkey to get a Tax ID number?

A: No. In Turkey, the Tax registration number is completely free.

Q: Do I have to pay taxes if I obtain a tax identification number?

A: tax ID doesn’t mean you’ll pay taxes. You can find out your taxes and debts registered to your name by using this tax ID number. It is a tool you use to pay your taxes as required, including taxes on income, property tax or conveyance tax.

Q: Will I receive an identification tax number in Turkey if I go to an office for tax?

A: Sure. However, clients who purchase from Istanbul Homes do not need this. It’s included in our free after-sales program.

Q: When is your tax ID number of yours valid?

A: After receiving it, you can use your tax number with no time limitation.

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